The Collaborative Leadership Development Program is a forward-thinking integrative process with a multi-cultural perspective, designed to prepare women religious, associates, and co-members with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assume leadership positions in community and ministry.  It blends relational and contemplative practices, while fostering self-growth and spiritual development through prayerful study and interaction, online webinars and circle meetings, mentoring and coaching.

The program instills skills for conflict-resolution, strategic planning, systems thinking, dialogue and feedback.  Its multi-congregational, multi-national approach broadens awareness of sustainability and social justice in our changing church and global society.

The CLDP is designed to Inspire, Challenge and Connect through…

  • SPIRITUALITY … through scripture, contemplation, reflection, charism-sharing and relationship-building
  • SELF-AWARENESS and DISCOVERY …  through self-care, confidence-building, self-assessment, coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • BEHAVIORAL SKILL-BUILDING for LEADERSHIP … through dialogue, feedback skills, conflict-resolution, strategic planning, systems thinking, creativity
  • MINISTRY LEADERSHIP … leading in times of change, challenge, emerging questions, global awareness, and care for the Earth

CLDP TESTIMONIALS – from associates and co-members

  • “I am in awe of the program…a model of ‘graced companionship’ for which I am deeply grateful….”
  • “How good it is to share our hopes, fears, doubts and dreams together. I knew the program would be good…I didn’t realize it would be life-changing!”
  • “I have new insights after listening to how others are adapting to change – in community, ministry and Church.”
  • “I leave the program full of spirit and energy – more aware that we are all facing the same challenges.”

For more information, contact Kathleen Wade, CLDP Program Director
kwade42@gmail.com  or  301-587-0423  x 2314

[The Collaborative Leadership Development  Program is made possible through a generous grant from the GHR Foundation and is sponsored by a coalition of religious congregations of women, in partnership with LCWR.]