Application DUE:  APRIL 1, 2017

Candidate Qualifications

  • Sisters, associates, or co-members (male or female) from Congregations of Women Religious
  • Candidates must be 60 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2017
  • Desire to expand and develop leadership skills
  • Anticipation of serving in a leadership role or being open to serve in a leadership role in ministry, community or society
  • Ability to commit and fully engage in the program, including attending three in-person gatherings in the United States
  • Ability to participate in other learning modalities offered as part of the program’s core curriculum, such as webinars, podcasts, blogs, Skype or Facebook
  • Willingness to work with a mentor who will meet regularly with participant to guide and support academic learning, personal development, and integration of leadership skills in active ministry
  • Ability to identify individual learning goals that will enhance individual gifts and personality to make participant a more effective leader
  • Acceptable completion of the application
  • A written recommendation by the leadership of your congregation
  • Ability of congregation to contribute the one-time registration fee and to cover all travel expenses

                    APPLICATION FORM


    1. Name (if religious, include religious initials)
    2. By what name or nickname do you wish to be addressed?
    3. Postal address, city, state, zip, country
    4. Email address
    5. Home phone number
    6. Cell phone number
    7. Alternate phone number
    8. Which of the above phone numbers is your preferred number?
    9. Religious, Associate, Co-member?
    10. How many years have you been a member or associate of your religious congregation?
    11. Birthdate and current age
    12. Gender
    13. Native language
    14. Are you FLUENT (written and spoken) in English? Spanish?
    15. Current Ministry (title, location, focus, etc.)


  1. Religious Congregation you are a member of / or associated with
  2. Congregational President/Leader
  3. President/Leader’s email address
  4. President/Leader’s phone number
  5. Congregation’s postal address, city, state, zip, country
  6. Congregation’s website
  7. Founder of your congregation
  8. What is/are the main charism(s) of your congregation?


The applicant must be in a leadership role or open to serving in a leadership role in ministry, community or society
1.  List some of your leadership roles in ministry, community or society.
2.  Describe your leadership style.

The program is framed in a global context that demonstrates the need for transformation in the world, in the church and in community.
3.  What global or international experiences have you had?
4.  What is your view of a global world?

The program emphasizes the need for change and transformation toward a global, sustainable future.
Describe a transformation for which you have been a catalyst or have helped to stimulate a change.

The program has a contemplative dimension to allow participants to pause, reflect, integrate and practice what they are learning.
6.  What is your understanding of contemplation?
7.  Give an example of a contemplative experience you have had.

Each participant will select a mentor.
8.  Have you had an experience of working with a coach, mentor, spiritual director, therapist – someone who walks with you over a period of time, supporting you, and at times challenging you?
9.  If so, what was that experience like for you?
10.  What insights / growth did you experience?


The program is 18 months in length.  In June & July of 2017 remote preparations will be required.  There are three in-person gatherings:
August 6-11, 2017
April 8-12, 2018
November 8-13, 2018.
The applicant must be able to fully engage in the program and participate in all gatherings, monthly webinars, mentoring and small-group activities.

  1. Are you able to commit to an 18-month program during this time-frame, including attending the three in-person meetings in St. Louis, Missouri, USA?
  2. Is there anything (other responsibilities, health or physical issues, etc.) that might prevent you from fully participating in the program?
  3. Do you have easy access to a reliable internet?  If not, what provisions will you make to participate in a web-based program?
  4. Have you had experience in web-based learning?  If so, describe what that was like for you:


  1. What expectations do you have regarding the Collaborative Leadership Development Program?
  2. What outcomes do you hope to accomplish personally and professionally by participating in the program?
  3. What reservations or fears do you have about the CLDP and your participation in it?


  • A written letter of recommendation from the leadership team of the participant’s congregation affirming the applicant’s leadership potential is required. This can be included with the application or sent separately by applicant or leader.  The applicant and leader will be notified with the CLDP’s decision.
  • If accepted, the one-time CLDP tuition fee of $4500 will be requested at that time.

Applications DUE:  APRIL 1, 2017

Send or email to:
Kathy Wade, CLDP Program Director
2529 Concordgreen Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio  45244  USA

For more information, contact Program Director:  Kathleen Wade
301-587-0423, ext. 2314  ●