CLDP-1 Program

CLDP Team:
Kathleen Wade, Mercy Associate, Program Director
Patty Johnson, CSJ, Executive Director, U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph
Rita Waters, RSM,  Administrative Assistant

SESSION 1:  AUGUST 25-29, 2013


Identity, Congregational Charism and Collaborative Community
Framing the Big Questions Facing Religious Congregations
Communication and Leadership Processes:
The Spirit of Leadership: Stages of Development
Shaping the Learning Contract & Practicum
Initiating the Mentor Relationship


Sunday, August 25: Grace Companionship
Mary Pat Garvin, RSM, Ph.D., professor of psychology, consultant on religious life and formation, and currently Institute Leadership Team Member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Monday, August 26: Emerging Spirituality in a Chaotic World
Kathleen Duffy, SSJ, Ph.D, Professor of Physics; Director, Institute for Religion and Science at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia

Tuesday, August 27: Self-awareness: Insights of The Leadership Circle Profile Survey
Mary Waskowiak, RSM, Certified Presenter for The Leadership Circle Profile Survey; former President, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas; former President, LCWR

Wednesday, Aug. 28: Emotional Intelligence & Organizational Development
Lynn Levo, CSJ, Ph. D., Consulting Psychologist in Private Practice; former Superior General, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet

SESSION 2:  MARCH 16-20, 2014


Systems Thinking & Strategic Planning
Reporting on Practicum and Learning Goals – Group
Self-awareness & TLCP follow up – Mary Waskowiak, RSM


Monday, March 17:  Women as Leaders in the Church: Law and Freedom
Bonnie MacLellan, CSJ,  JCL and JCD candidate in Canon Law; former General Superior of Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie

Wednesday, March 19: Sponsorship: Stewarding a Ministry of the Church
Mary Haddad, RSM, Senior Director of Sponsor Services, Catholic Health Association

Thursday, March 20: Leading through the Lens of Social Justice
Gaye Moorhead, RSM, Mission Services, St. Joseph Hospital, Phoenix, AZ; former President, Mercy Rochester Regional Community

SESSION 3:  NOVEMBER 16-20, 2014


Revisiting the Big Questions
Practicum Sharing – Group
Celebrating Multicultural Gifts & Challenges – Group
Leadership Circle Profile Recap – Mary Waskowiak, RSM
Next Steps for the Group / Ritual Graduation Celebration


Monday, Nov. 17: Religious Life in the Culture of Choice
Mary Johnson, SND, Professor of Religious Studies, Trinity Washington University, D.C.

Tuesday, Nov. 18: Leadership in the New Millenium
Nancy Schreck, OSF, President, Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, IA; former President, LCWR

Wednesday, Nov. 19: New Models of Leadership, Partnership and Collaboration
Catherine Bertrand, SSND, Co-Director, Women Religious Leadership Lab

Thursday, November 20:  39 fine women — 6 Associates or Co-members and 33 women religious from 14 congregations — completed the formal studies and reflection of the first Collaborative Leadership Development Program.  The women have plans for future development, retreats and gatherings as a group to continue the bonds and support they have established, to deepen their learning, and forward their unique and shared missions.



In Session Two, the participants created a prayerful “Litany of Saints”
The link to it is below: