CLDP-3 Program

CLDP Team:
Kathleen Wade, Mercy Associate, Program Director
Sandra Prucha, RSM,  Leadership Collaborative Project Manager
Rita Waters, RSM,  Administrative Assistant

SESSION 1:  AUGUST 28-September 2, 2015  (Friday-Wednesday)

Self Awareness and Insights from the Leadership Circle Profile
Shaping the Learning Contract & Practicum
Using the Mentor Relationship

Friday, August 28:   TRAVEL DAY and Opening:  Plan to arrive before 5:00 pm  ♦  5:30 pm Dinner  ♦  7:00 pm Welcome and CLDP Overview
Saturday, August 29Kathleen Wade, Mercy Associate, CLDP Program Director and Sandy Prucha, RSM, Collaborative Leadership Project Manager.
Sunday, Aug. 30 & Monday, Aug. 31: Self-awareness & Insights of the Leadership Circle Profile
Peggy McAllister, M.A., M. Ed., founder of Intentional Leadership LLC; Coach and Presenter for Full Circle Consulting and The Leadership Circle
Tuesday, September 1:  Integrating, Processing, Planning.  Kathy Wade / Sandy Prucha RSM ♦  Program concludes around 9:00 pm.
Wednesday, September 2TRAVEL  ♦  Check out by 9:00 am.

SESSION 2MARCH 13-18, 2016  (Sunday-Friday)

Currently in planning process

Sunday, March 13:   TRAVEL DAY and Opening.  Sunday Liturgy will not be provided   ♦  5:30 pm Dinner  ♦  7:30 pm.  Welcome and Re-Integration
Monday, March 14Kathy Wade.
Tuesday & Wednesday, March 15 & 16:
The Changing Face of Leadership: Contemplation, Communication, Collaboration
Catherine Bertrand, SSND, facilitator and consultant; former Provincial Leader, Executive Director of the National Religious Vocation Conference, and Co-Director of Women Religious Leadership Lab; Coordinating member of Leadership Collaborative
Thursday, March 17Integrating, Processing, PlanningKathy Wade
Friday, March 18 TRAVEL DAY  ♦  Check out by 9:00 am.

SESSION 3:  NOVEMBER 16-20, 2016  (Wednesday-Saturday)

Currently in planning process

Wednesday, Nov. 16
:   TRAVEL DAY and Opening:   5:30 pm Dinner  ♦  7:00 pm Re-Uniting and Prayer
Thursday, Nov. 17 – Saturday, Nov. 19Input and Group Discussion and Activities.
Sunday Liturgy will be provided Saturday afternoon.  Program concludes around 9:00 pm on Saturday.
Saturday, Nov. 19Graduation and ClosingKathy Wade / Sandy Prucha / Rita Waters
Sunday, Nov. 20TRAVEL DAY   ♦  Check out by 9:00 am.