CLDP-3 Webinar Topics

The CLDP-3 program:  June-2015 through November-2016

TED talks can be found on line at  To obtain a copy of any of the articles, contact program director, Kathy Wade  at

November-2016     SESSION 3 in St. Louis and Graduation
October-2016         Review of Program (discussion)
September-2016    Putting the Art of Hosting into Practice   (an article)
August-2016            An Interview with Ilia Delio  (an article)
The Case for Collaborative ConsumptionRachel Botsman  (TED talk)  
                                Build a Tower, Build a Team (The Marshmallow Challenge) – Tom Wujec  (TED talk)  
June-2016                 The Walk from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ – William Ury  (TED talk)
May-2016                 Core Practices of Life-Affirming Leaders — Margaret Wheatley  (3 articles)
.                                  Leadership in the Age of Complexity — Margaret Wheatley & Deborah Frieze
                                 Whatever the Problem, Community is the Answer — Margaret Wheatley & Deborah Frieze
April-2016                 Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe  and How Great Leaders Inspire Action Simon Sinek   (2 TED talks)
March-2016              SESSION 2 in St. Louis
February-2016         From Piety to Politics and Systemic Change — Nancy Sylvester, IHM  (2 articles)
January-2016            Tribal Leadership — David Logan   (TED talk)        

December-2015       A Call to Leadership — Joan Chittister, OSB   (article)
November-2015       Dare to Disagree — Margaret Heffernan    (TED talk)
October-2015           The Spirit of Leadership — Bob Anderson   (article)
September-2015      Vulnerability and Shame — Brené Brown   (2 TED talks)
August-2015             SESSION 1 in St. Louis
June-July 2015          Leadership Profile Work and Consultations